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ACH South Wing Family House

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ACH Director of Facilities Design and Planning Lori Howard has been involved with the South Wing construction when it wasn't more than a doodle on an ACH Capitol Café napkin. Read the weekly blog from Lori Howard.

Construction Update Blog - May 24

The excitement surrounding the South wing opening continues to build. This morning a group of about 15 of us went over to the site to plan the events that will take place in June. If you've never done event planning, it's hard to fathom how many different parts and pieces have to come together to make an event like this a success. In my former life I was not Joan of Arc (as some people joke about having been), but I did event planning and mall marketing in Jonesboro. So, I do know little bit about putting these sorts of events together, thankfully.

Everything from chairs, food, tables, and parking, to what each speaker will say, where people will enter the building, and how people will tour the building are things that we had to consider this morning. A team from media services, public relations, facilities, the Foundation, and government relations all gathered to discuss how we will put this event together. You could tell from everyone's faces the we are most excited to share this new with our patients, families, visitors, and staff. Although most of us have been in and out of the building for many months, watching it come to life, most of you are only getting a glimpse through this blog and through some of the public relations materials that have been sent out recently. We can hardly wait to show you the space!

The picture attached to today's blog shows the playground area on the 3rd floor Roof Garden with its newly-installed grass. Under the grass is a foam backing to protect kids while they are playing on the toys and equipment in the area. It looks very inviting, and although I did step one toe onto the grass this morning, I resisted the urge to take a plunge down the slide. I'll save that for another day when nobody else is looking :-).

We can hardly wait for the grand opening and to show this new space off to you all!

Lori Howard
Director of Facilities Planning
Arkansas Children's Hospital

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