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Construction Update Blog - April 19

We are coming down the home stretch in the South Wing!  Almost all of the equipment has been ordered or is in the final processes of being ordered, and a lot of it has started arriving here at ACH.  When you're trying to stock and furnish a 258,000 square foot building, it takes a lot of coordination by many people to make it happen.  Today, I'd like to give a shout-out to all of those folks involved in the ordering process! 

Allan Miller, our equipment planner, worked with the nine nurse or department managers and several ancillary staff leaders to nail down exactly what we needed for the building.  That process started in 2008, and it has continued through the present.  We ended up with a $21M equipment list with more than 2,000 line items.  Our good friend, Shane Eilts, in our in-house Systems Development Group (SDG for short) uploaded the list into our purchasing request system so that Allan and I would not have numb and bleeding fingers from typing all that information into the computer.  After that, our Purchasing department, headed up by Lisa Farmer, started ordering the items.  Lisa's crew has been working hard to get the best pricing possible and meet the delivery dates we need for opening the building.

Some other folks who have been involved in the process include:

  • Our interior designer, Kathryn Jones, who chose all of the fabrics and finishes for the furniture, as well the artwork, and many other items, even little things like robe hooks for the restrooms.  It's amazing all of the little items that one has to select for such a large project!
  • Kevin Haralson in our Clinical Engineering department, who helped select all of the medical equipment, working with the department managers to make sure we were getting what they needed but not buying things that we didn't need.
  • Rod Smith, Rodney Payne, and Rod Smith in our Information Technology department, who worked to get all of the computer, printers, scanners, and other items specified and quoted.  (I ordered 70 computer mice today.  I felt bad because the quote didn't include cheese, but I guess the poor mice will be okay! Haha)
  • Tom Leisenring in our Respiratory Care department and Karen Craig in Radiology, who both gave us the information on their respective areas, making sure we got what we needed to cover those patients they serve.
  • Chet Howard, David Mayfield, and Johnny Schmidt in Maintenance.  Because of these guys, the building will have air conditioning, water, and electricity!  Really, these guys review plans and make suggestions all along the way in all of our building projects.  Yes, Chet is related to me - my better half, as they say!
  • Guru of nurse call systems - Al McGhee - has kept me on the up-and-up on these complicated systems that connect nurse to patient every day.
  • Shawn Harwell in Media Services, who helped us get all the cool communication gadgets that we need for conference rooms and hallways.
  • Tracy Oakley and Justin Mobley in SDG who helped with Care Hub, a cool but somewhat complicated-to-install system that provides television, movies, internet access, and gaming for patients and their families.
  • Lori McCauley, Missy Seelinger, and Joey Wilson in Telecommunications, who helped greatly with all of the phones, faxes, and other communication devices we purchased for the facility.
  • Tamara Hargrove, who worked with the copiers for the nurses' stations and work rooms.
  • Jim Parks, our Pharmacy expert on Pyxis, which is the medication-dispensing and storage system we use here at ACH.
  • Gloriane Kabat, Child Life, who helped to make sure that the children would have the coolest hospital play spaces in the country.
  • Nurse and department managers:  Patty Mahoney, Melissa Herbert, Stephanie Rockett, Terri Songer, Patti Martin, Becky Kersten, Cynthia Brown, Jennifer Gernat, and Carrie Lee.  These ladies and their staff will work in the South Wing.  We could not have accomplished this without them!
  • And so many more that it would overload the ACH website to list here!
It truly takes a team to make any project come together, and in a project this large, it truly takes a great team.  I am privileged to work at a wonderful institution, with a great group of people who have one goal in mind - taking care of the patients and families we serve.  Thanks, guys!!

Lori Howard
Director of Facilities Planning
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