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Construction Update Blog - week of February 17

General Work & Roof Garden Plants Arrive Soon!

This week at the South Wing, we have tons of work going on, as usual!  Every week, we have a meeting with our architects and contractors to discuss the project, and every week, we have a long list of items on which we all must follow up or get information for the group.  This week is no different.  Just to give you a sample of what we're talking about in this week's meeting, I've listed some of the items below.

Terrazzo 1st & 2nd Floor - awaiting final polish

This means that the floor you'll see in these areas, which includes the large concourse, the elliptical stairs on the east and west ends, and the 2nd floor waiting room walking path, will all be bright and shiny soon!  The terrazzo is the same flooring product used in our Main Hospital front lobby, and right now, it looks kind of rough, since it's not polished.  The polishing will begin soon!

Ceiling tile and grid 3rd & 4th Floors

The building will soon take on a completely different feel, once all of the ceiling tiles are in place.  Right now, the areas up on these two floors still feel very much like a construction site.  With the roof tiles, it will feel like the building is really closer to completion!

Casework Installation 4th Floor

This is the cabinetry that goes in the patient rooms, the Family Houses, and the nurses' and physicians' work areas.  This really makes a "house" look like a "home"!  Without the cabinets, it's really hard to tell what the space will look like finished-out, but with them, it will look more and more like a real building!

Canopy Rock Columns

These are gorgeous!  The canopies that cover the ambulance bays and the walkways in the Emergency Department parking lot (in front of the building) are held up by large steel posts.  Those posts are being covered with rock to coordinate with the rest of the building's Natural State feel. 

Interior Signs

With 1,000 doors and tons of hallways, this has been quite an endeavor.  The signage list has taken quite a while to complete, but it's finally winding down.

Playground Equipment

The two large play structures will be installed starting in late March.  We are so excited to see the rooftop play area come to life!

And many more....

As you can tell, I've been a pretty busy girl the last few weeks!  As we get closer to opening the building, my schedule will get more and more packed with meetings and events.  I'll keep you updated on the progress.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Lori Howard
Director of Facilities Planning
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