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Dress Code

Arkansas Children's Hospital requires a professional image that is neat, clean and fos­ters trust. By taking pride in our personal appearance, we establish ACH as a place where care, love and hope thrive.

ACH will grant accommodations to this policy for medi­cal and religious requests.

Remember - Neat, Clean and Pressed - All team members must come to work tidy, clean and sporting neatly pressed clothing - this includes uniforms and scrubs. Clothing should never distract from delivery of care or other work duties. All clothing must be appropriately fitted so that team members do not reveal skin when bending or reaching. Team members may not wear clothes that inap­propriately expose skin, including midriff tops and shirts with low necklines.

Badges - All team members must wear their badges with pride in an up­right, readable position on the outer­most layer of clothing (including lab coats or sweaters). Badges must be worn in the shoulder area or on lan­yard. Team members' badge photos must be visible. Do not put stickers or other markings on badges.

Hair - Team members must keep their hair neat and clean. Hair cannot be worn in a way that poses safety or infection control issues. Styles must not interfere with job performance. Hair cannot be distracting. Hair may be dyed, but only using colors that are naturally occurring.

Tattoos - ACH team members may have visible tattoos, as long as they follow certain criteria. Tattoos must be cov­ered if they depict nudity or profanity, are inflammatory in nature, represent violence, drugs, sex, alcohol or tobacco products, or may be otherwise interpreted as of­fensive.

Jewelry - Team members may wear jewelry if it doesn't interfere with their jobs.

Employment Office
Arkansas Children's Hospital
1 Children's Way, Slot 602
Little Rock, AR 72202-3591

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Nursing careers:

Notice: Starting fall 2011 all employees will be required to take the flu shot.

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