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Helpful Hints

  • Be sure to apply for every position you are interested in if you meet the position requirements.
  • If you do not have access to the internal webpage; there are several terminals in the HR service building.
  • Make sure all of your information (phone number, email, etc.) are correct – every time you apply!
  • Ensure that all of your work history is listed in chronological order.
  • Ask another person to review your resume’.
  • Provide a professional email address.
  • Keep your cover letter generic.
  • Internal positions are for existing ACH employees.
  • External positions are for external (non‐ACH employee) applicants.
  • Do not give your UserID/Password to others.
  • If you forget your UserID/password, you can contact 501‐364‐4120 for assistance.
  • While applying and the system gives you a red exclamation point next to a field, that is the indication as to what has been entered incorrectly. Please adjust formatting.
  • When entering salary and hours worked, only type a number amount. The system will only accept numbers do not include words or symbols such as a dollar sign.
  • Under people supervised, put the number amount of people you supervised. If you have not supervised anyone, put a “0” in a box. Do not leave it blank.
  • Before you click the apply button, there is a default start date that appears on that page. It is an autopopulated field, please do not change that date. A start date will be discussed at a later time.
  • If you would like to know the status of your application, feel free to contact the recruiter.
  • For external applicants (non‐ACH employees) , if you make changes to your profile, for those changes to be applied to the previous applications to current job postings, proceed with the following:
    • Go to “My Jobs”
    • Click on the tab “Review application for _______”
    • Scroll to the bottom of the job description
    • Click on the “Save Changes” tab
  • For internal applicants (ACH employees), use of the “update profile” button under Career Opportunities on the My ACH page allows you log in and update your profile; however, clicking on the open jobs tab after that takes you to the external postings page not the internal postings.
  • If you applied for a position in error and/or are no longer interested in the position, you may cancel your application by proceeding with the following:
    • Go to “My Jobs”
    • Find the position you have applied for
    • Click "review application for..."
    • Scroll down to the highlighted lower right corner of that page
    • Click "cancel application
  • On this same page, you can view all of the positions you have applied for and check the status of the position (open or closed).
  • Be sure to always log out of your profile.
  • When updating your application, make sure your electronic signature is typed exactly the same way as it is appears on your profile. If you are updating your application, make sure you hit the “Next” button or the system will not save your updated information. Do not log out before you do so.
  • Don't forget to update your application with all relevant experience for the position you are applying.
Employment Office
Arkansas Children's Hospital
1 Children's Way, Slot 602
Little Rock, AR 72202-3591

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Nursing careers:

Effective May 1, 2015, ACH will no longer hire tobacco and/or nicotine users.

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