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Childhood Injuries, Poisons, and Burns

Minor Cuts, Scrapes, and Skin Wounds 
Small cuts and scrapes are often viewed as part of childhood and growing up. Most cuts and scrapes are minor injuries that can be treated at home.
Superficial Injuries to the Face and Head  
A child's face and head are especially at risk for cuts, scrapes, and lacerations in part because a child has a much larger head than an adult, when compared with the rest of his or her body. 
Eye Trauma 
Make sure your child wears recommended appropriate protective eyewear during sports and recreational activities.
Muscle and Joint Injuries
Sprains and strains are uncommon in younger children because their growth plates are weaker than the muscles or tendons. Instead, children are prone to fractures
Animal and Human Bites  
The most common type of animal bite is a dog bite. Almost a million Americans are attacked by dogs each year - and about half of them are children.
Insect Bites  
Most insect bites are annoying - not life-threatening. Still, if your child may be exposed to problem insects such as ticks, it's best to take precautions.
Store all household chemicals - cleaning supplies, medications, toiletries - in locked cabinets in their original, labeled containers.
Although an open flame is the primary cause of burn injuries for adults, scalding is the leading cause for children. 
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