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Published Date: September 30, 2013

Health Tip: Waking Up at Night

(HealthDay News) -- Teaching healthy sleep habits is among the most beneficial things parents can do for the lifelong health of their children.

The Cleveland Clinic offers this advice to help children sleep well all night long:

  • Create and follow a consistent sleep and wake schedule. Make sure bedtime is appropriate, and allow young children to take naps if they want.

  • Make sure your child's bedroom environment is comfortable and consistent. Offer a security toy or blanket, and allow your child to leave the door open.

  • Establish a bedtime routine that is consistent, fun and light. Avoid scary movies or stories before bed.

  • If your child wakes up screaming or crying, it's OK offer reassurance.

  • Reward your child for staying in bed.

  • Remember to have patience as your child learns good sleep habits.

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