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Published Date: November 21, 2013

Health Tip: Is Your Child Overloaded?

(HealthDay News) -- Everyone is under some stress. But too much stress can impair your child's well-being and emotional health.

The American Academy of Pediatrics mentions these warning signs that your child is under too much stress:

  • If there are physical pains, such as stomach aches or headaches.

  • If the child appears agitated, restless and tired.

  • If the child seems depressed, but is unwilling to talk about his or her feelings.

  • If the child behaves irritably or negatively, or lacks excitement about daily activities.

  • If the child chooses to stay home, rather than participate in activities once enjoyed.

  • If the child's grades decline.

  • If the child shows behavioral changes, such as lying or stealing, becoming forgetful, refusing your requests or depending on you more than usual.

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