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Jul 29, 2014 - To improve their eating habits, don't dwell on the benefits of fruits, veggies, researchers say
Jul 29, 2014 - Scans reveal differences that might explain why transitions are difficult
Jul 29, 2014 - Here's a list of health benefits
Jul 28, 2014 - Kids aren't avoiding healthier fare or throwing more food away, research shows
Jul 28, 2014 - Odds are small, but family, doctors should keep possibility in mind, researchers say
Jul 28, 2014 - Such as a sudden desire to avoid school
Jul 28, 2014 - Study found overweight kids who had surgery were more likely to become obese within seven months
Jul 26, 2014 - Expert offers tips for spotting chlorine poisoning, bacterial infection, secondary drowning in kids
Jul 24, 2014 - To help prevent drowning
Jul 24, 2014 - Pediatrician says many physicians won't accept the publicly funded insurance plan
Jul 24, 2014 - Study suggests link between early reading skills and later intelligence
Jul 24, 2014 - They're more likely to change their children's diet than encourage exercise, study finds
Jul 24, 2014 - Agency urges doctors to recommend it along with other routine immunizations
Jul 23, 2014 - They won't take steps to reach a healthy weight if they don't see the problem, experts note
Jul 23, 2014 - Odds of dying prematurely 50 percent higher in adults who'd lost a parent in childhood, researchers report
Jul 22, 2014 - Parents should limit car use, point out unsafe driving behaviors, be a good role model, set 'carfews'
Jul 22, 2014 - Threat of respiratory disease may be up to 30 percent higher, study suggests
Jul 22, 2014 - Remedies to help fight the pain and itch
Jul 21, 2014 - That, in turn, may help reduce health ills, such as diabetes and heart disease, researcher says
Jul 21, 2014 - And get some exercise
Jul 21, 2014 - Expectant moms' use of nicotine-replacement therapy could also spell problems for kids, study suggests
Jul 21, 2014 - Study found lower-income kids at challenging high schools less likely to engage in risky behaviors
Jul 18, 2014 - Only 22 percent of those at risk get screened, and researchers think complacency may be why
Jul 17, 2014 - Often, campus security won't report booze-related infractions to police or to health services, researchers say
Jul 17, 2014 - Rest, possibly combined with physical therapy, key to recovery, research suggests
Jul 16, 2014 - Survey finds 3 out of 4 are getting these healthy foods each day
Jul 15, 2014 - Benefits evident from birth, researchers say
Jul 15, 2014 - Close monitoring enough for most of these patients, study says
Jul 15, 2014 - Including difficulty breathing
Jul 15, 2014 - But expert stresses that chance of being born with the disability is small
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