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Aug 29, 2014 - Have the child check each snack's nutrition
Aug 28, 2014 - But booster shots and second doses lag for 2-year-olds, report finds
Aug 28, 2014 - Expert and researcher say the findings highlight need for slow return to playing field
Aug 28, 2014 - When, where crash happened affected by whether male or female was behind the wheel, study finds
Aug 28, 2014 - On days that mom and dad argue, they treat their children differently, study finds
Aug 27, 2014 - Reinforce the positives
Aug 26, 2014 - Recommendation comes a day after similar calls for regulation by American Heart Association
Aug 26, 2014 - Needs of the developing human brain trump physical growth, research suggests
Aug 26, 2014 - Researchers saw a nearly 6-fold rise in patients who met all criteria of anorexia except being underweight
Aug 25, 2014 - Group's policy statement also calls for ban on marketing, sales to young people
Aug 25, 2014 - Those admitted on weekend after first diagnosis have more complications, study finds
Aug 25, 2014 - Communicate the warning signs
Aug 25, 2014 - Research suggests they aren't recognizing overweight in children as readily as they did in years past
Aug 25, 2014 - American Academy of Pediatrics urges fluoride use on first teeth to prevent decay
Aug 24, 2014 - Carefully assess the school's athletic program, expert advises
Aug 23, 2014 - Expert offers advice on how to help kids adjust to earlier bedtimes
Aug 22, 2014 - 10 percent of children tracked had allergy to peanuts, eggs or milk
Aug 22, 2014 - Technique commonly used for problem drinkers only lowered consumption slightly, didn't change behaviors
Aug 22, 2014 - Parents can help their children handle the sting of getting vaccinated
Aug 21, 2014 - Frequently discuss auto safety
Aug 21, 2014 - Guideline is prompted by concerns about mercury exposure
Aug 21, 2014 - Understand what's behind the fear
Aug 21, 2014 - Warnings about sun exposure and skin cancer aren't getting through, experts say
Aug 20, 2014 - Cause seems related to inflammation of the arteries, researchers say
Aug 19, 2014 - Study found fitter kids had different white matter, which helps brain regions communicate with each other
Aug 19, 2014 - Make sure school lunch has food they'll eat
Aug 18, 2014 - Pack a paper towel or wax paper so kids don't set food down on dirty tables
Aug 18, 2014 - Drivers and students need to know and follow traffic safety rules
Aug 18, 2014 - Messages that focus on benefits to the child have the most impact, study finds
Aug 18, 2014 - Largest increase reported among wealthier families
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