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May 02, 2016 - ERs treat more kids, perhaps because of greater concussion awareness, experts say
May 02, 2016 - But study finds only 11 percent of children were properly restrained
May 02, 2016 - Study finds the more kids see a brand on shows, the more likely they'll drink it
May 02, 2016 - Findings don't show direct link to serious injuries, but reassessment of laws needed, researchers say
Apr 30, 2016 - Low-income children are experiencing the biggest increases, researchers report
Apr 30, 2016 - In study, many were unaware they might be in danger, couldn't distinguish strangers from people they knew
Apr 29, 2016 - Help keep baby safe
Apr 29, 2016 - They tend to be taller, better educated, and societal changes over time may be behind trend, study suggests
Apr 29, 2016 - Study suggests the alcohol-soaked products are early sign of trouble
Apr 28, 2016 - Variants make the release of multiple eggs more likely, researchers say
Apr 27, 2016 - Study shows use is common, but prior research suggests a danger to babies
Apr 27, 2016 - It can lead to psychological, learning problems in kids, analysis of 75 studies suggests
Apr 27, 2016 - Study also found six months of breast-feeding offered protection against excess pounds in child
Apr 26, 2016 - Treatment for these 4.5 million children is urgently needed, researcher says
Apr 26, 2016 - Protective gear is essential for preventing injuries, experts say
Apr 26, 2016 - Preschool children given high levels of caring showed specific brain changes
Apr 25, 2016 - Analyzing immigrant population can help identify tumor causes, researcher says
Apr 25, 2016 - Parents of young kids should not have these products in the home, experts say
Apr 23, 2016 - Use life jackets when needed, supervise kids at all times, American Red Cross says
Apr 22, 2016 - Common household products, including detergents and medications, are often to blame, doctor says
Apr 21, 2016 - Awareness of SIDS risk didn't spur young mothers to follow recommendations, study finds
Apr 21, 2016 - Treatment-related conditions may affect their long-term well-being, study finds
Apr 19, 2016 - Offer comfort and reassurance
Apr 19, 2016 - Health officials targeting rural teens with messages about health risks of smokeless tobacco products
Apr 19, 2016 - Latest study found no differences in general health, mental health or learning abilities
Apr 18, 2016 - They also think children have higher stress levels, less family time, poorer coping skills and personal friendships, survey finds
Apr 15, 2016 - Before cutting the grass, review these safety tips
Apr 15, 2016 - Pay attention to feeling of fullness
Apr 13, 2016 - Avoided radiation exposure of standard chest X-rays, and didn't miss any cases
Apr 12, 2016 - As smog levels dropped over two decades, children in 8 communities suffered fewer breathing problems
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