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Versant RN Residency Program


Arkansas Children's Hospital (ACH) has partnered with Versant RN Residency to offer an 18-week nursing residency program to ACH new graduate Registered Nurses. This formalized residency program will greatly benefit its participants, the hospital and the patients, especially in the hospital’s ongoing commitment toward quality and safety grounded in evidence-based practice.

As CNO and Senior Vice President, Lee Anne Eddy, noted, “Versant has demonstrated a program that significantly enhances the new graduate RN transition to professional practice, prepares a confident beginning level staff nurse who provides competent and safe patient care, and increases new graduate RN commitment and retention within the organization. We are excited to partner with Versant!”

What is the Versant RN Residency program at ACH?

  • A comprehensive education and training system, developed using Patricia Benner’s Novice to Expert framework, and designed to transition newly graduate registered nurses from students to safe, competent, and professional practitioners at ACH (
  • A competitive program required for all ACH new graduate hires, with 60 RN-I openings per year
  • An 18-week immersion program composed of approximately 80% clinical time and 20% classroom time

What are the benefits of the Versant RN Residency Program at ACH?

This new RN Residency partnership will:

  • Facilitate the transition of a new graduate RN to the professional practice of nursing;
  • Prepare a beginning level staff nurse who is confident and who provides competent and safe patient care; and
  • Increase new graduate RN commitment and retention within the organization.

How does the Versant RN Residency Program at ACH work?

This 18 week comprehensive immersion program is composed of:


    Education and Curriculum:

    • Residents attend classes on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:00am – 4:30pm during weeks 1 – 6.
    • Beginning on week 7, classroom time will vary depending on specialty.

    Guided Clinical Experience with Preceptor:

      • Residents complete clinical shifts with preceptors on Wednesdays – Sundays throughout the 18 week program.
      • All Residents complete clinicals on the day shift for weeks 1 – 12, then transition to the shift for which they were hired during weeks 13 – 18.
      • Residents receive Looping Experiences to aid in the understanding of the patient’s continuum of care and to develop relationships with staff members in other departments that interact frequently with their home department as well as other team members throughout the hospital.

      Supportive Components:

      • Residents participate in Mentoring sessions and circles that extend throughout the first year of professional practice.
      • Residents participate in Debriefing sessions that assist with developing healthy coping strategies and foster a healthy-work-life balance.

      Measurement and Evaluation:

      • Pre-Versant data collection and observations have been collected on new graduates hired to ACH within the past 2 years.
      • Residents will complete evaluations throughout the program at weeks 2, 12, 18, and 30.
      • Post-Residency metrics will be collected annually for 5 years.
      • All participants in the residency program (Preceptor, Mentor, Debriefer, Subject Matter Expert, Nurse Leaders, etc.) will be asked to provide feedback.
      • All of the above data will be compiled into one aggregate report at the end of each cohort and presented to the organization.

      What are the requirements for participation in the Versant RN Residency Program at ACH?

      • New graduates hired into the RN Residency program are required to have a BSN.

      How the Versant RN Residency Program at ACH scheduled?

      • Start dates for new graduate RN Residency cohorts are twice a year: July and February
      • The program is structured as follows:
      Weeks 1-6 Week 7 – 12 Weeks 13 – 18
      • Two 6-8 hour class days on Monday and Tuesday
      • Two 12 hour clinical shifts on Wednesday – Sunday
      • Clinical shifts will be on day shift.
      • Two 6-8 hour class days every other week, days may vary depending on specialties.
      • Two 12 hour clinical shifts, shifts will be arranged around class days.
      • Clinical shifts will be on day shift.
      • Class days will vary depending on specialty.
      • Clinical time will begin increasing.
      • Week 13 – resident transitions to the destination shift.

      More Information


      Julie Bane, MS, BSN, RN
      RN Residency Manager
      Clinical Education Specialist
      Phone: 501-364-3258

      Michelle Odom, MSN, RN
      Director of Recruitment & Retention
      Phone: 501-364-1398

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