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Versant RN Residency Program


Arkansas Children's Hospital (ACH) has partnered with Versant RN Residency to offer an 18-week nursing residency program to ACH new graduate Registered Nurses. This formalized residency program will greatly benefit its participants, the hospital and the patients, especially in the hospital's ongoing commitment toward quality and safety grounded in evidence-based practice.

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Residency Program


1. Graduate from an accredited baccalaureate nursing program (BSN) .*

*ACH employees who were employed prior to Jan 1, 2014 and were enrolled in a non-BSN RN program as of Aug 2014 are eligible to be considered for positions. These individuals agree to enroll in a BSN program upon graduation

2. GPA 3.0 Preferred.

3. Selected candidates must pass the NCLEX and possess a permanent Arkansas or compact state RN license prior to the start of the residency.

Not eligible if current ACH employee with active PIP within past 12 months.

Important Dates

1. Positions for the July 2015 cohort will be posted on 2/16/15. Once positions are posted, ACH will accept 20 applications per position. Once 20 are received, the RN Resident position will be closed to allow time for application review. If there are not enough candidates who meet the job requirements, the RN Resident position will be re-opened to allow more candidates to apply. Applications will be accepted until Mar 13, 2015.

2. Candidates will be notified of selection for interviews by Mar 20, 2015.

3. ACH will schedule interviews for the weeks of Apr 6 - 10 & Apr 13 - 17, 2015.

4. Candidates will be notified of selection for positions the week of April 20, 2015.

Application Requirements

1. Online Application

Submit at

Be sure to include current G.P.A. on application.

2. Essay Submitted with Online Application

* Submit essay in the Cover Letter section of your online application instead of cover letter.

1200 words or less addressing 3 questions:

Why do you want to be an ACH resident?
What makes you stand out from other candidates?
Describe how you demonstrate two of ACH's Behavioral Standards.

3. Current Nursing School Transcript

(Official or unofficial) to be mailed to:

ACH Nurse Residency
1919 12th Street
Little Rock, AR 72202

To be considered for an interview, ALL items listed above must be received no later than 4:30pm on Mar 13, 2015.

NOTE: References

Once your application is received, a Recruiter will contact you with instructions on how to submit references via the online SkillSurvey process.

In order to complete this reference process in a timely manner, please apply as soon as possible.

ACH Versant RN Residency Program Details

How does the Versant RN Residency Program at ACH work? This 18 week comprehensive immersion program is composed of:

Education and Curriculum:

  • Residents will attend a total of 4 weeks of classes during the 18 week program.

Guided Clinical Experience with Preceptor:

  • Residents complete clinical shifts with preceptors throughout the 18 week program.
  • All Residents complete clinicals on the day shift for weeks 1 - 12, then transition to the shift for which they were hired during weeks 13 - 18.
  • Residents receive Looping Experiences to aid in the understanding of the patient's continuum of care and to develop relationships with staff members in other departments that interact frequently with their home department as well as other team members throughout the hospital.

Supportive Components:

  • Residents participate in Mentoring sessions and circles that extend throughout the first year of professional practice.
  • Residents participate in Debriefing sessions that assist with developing healthy coping strategies and foster a healthy-work-life balance.

Measurement and Evaluation:

  • Pre-Versant data collection and observations have been collected on new graduates hired to ACH within the past 2 years.
  • Residents will complete evaluations throughout the program at weeks 2, 12, 18, and 30.
  • Post-Residency metrics will be collected annually for 5 years.
  • All participants in the residency program (Preceptor, Mentor, Debriefer, Subject Matter Expert, Nurse Leaders, etc.) will be asked to provide feedback.
  • All of the above data will be compiled into one aggregate report at the end of each cohort and presented to the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours per week do the nurse residents work?
Full time positions require 64-80 hours per two-week pay period for the full 52 weeks, which may include some weekends and holidays. The number of hours per week change to accommodate both classroom and clinical time.

Will I be working weekends and holidays?
During the 18 week residency, Nurse Residents schedules may include some weekends. The unit nurse directors and nurse educators will work together in building your schedule to ensure you have an opportunity to work with various preceptors throughout each of the 6 week sessions. Residents will not work holidays during the 18 week program.

Do I get vacation time during my residency?
Residents will accrue the same vacation as all new nurses; however, the RN Residency is 18 weeks in length and requires full-time employment. Vacation or other activities requiring more than a 1-2 day absence is discouraged during this time period. Any scheduled time off will require approval of the hiring manager and residency manager prior to the start of the Residency.

What benefits does the residency program offer?
All health care and retirement benefits offered any new hire apply to those selected for the ACH Versant RN Residency Program.

What is a nurse resident hourly pay rate?
Your recruiter has the exact figure and will discuss pay and benefits with you.

What types of scrubs are allowed?
You may wear any child-friendly, professional-looking scrub with close-toe shoes.

Contact Us

For more information, e-mail or contact:

Julie Bane, MS, BSN, RN-BC
RN Residency Coordinator
Phone: 501-364-3258

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