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Is Cute in Your Baby's Nature? Get a Free New Parent Planner and Baby Shirt from ACH

Have you signed up for a free new parent planner from Arkansas Children's Hospital? It's stocked with all the important info you need for every stage of pregnancy and early childhood, and also doubles as a place to organize all that important paperwork for the newest member of the family.

Included in the packet is:

  • A pregnancy planner booklet, plus other helpful details for an expecting mom to have on-hand;
  • Information on the ACH NICU and how parents can ensure their newborn gets the best possible medical care, including tips on how to make it known that they wish for their child to be transported to ACH if complications were to arise during delivery or if they are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy;
  • Information on safe sleep, crying, injury prevention and general pediatric care;
  • A dosage chart for quick reference; and
  • A place for keeping important documents for both mom and baby (insurance forms, birth plan, baby care instructions, immunization forms, etc.).

If you'd like an ACH New Parent Planner to help make the coming nine months easier, go to today and sign up! It's free, and will be in your mailbox in just a couple of weeks.

If you already signed up for the planner, you can continue to receive parenting tips and health information as your child grows! We'll also send you a special "Cute is My Nature" baby T-shirt, too. Just sign up at

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