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Caching in on Fun Outdoors!

By Division of State Parks,
Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

Kids love an adventure. Tell them there's treasure involved, though, and they'll really get fired up! That's why they'll love a high-tech hobby that will also get them moving outdoors: geocaching.

This activity is a way to find "booty" hidden by others. With millions now enjoying the hobby, it has become a world-wide phenomenon. Arkansas State Parks are ideal spots for pursuing this rewarding adventure!

How to Geocache

Individuals or groups have hidden more than a million caches all over the world. The location of each geocache is marked with Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates which are shared via the Internet. Enthusiasts use a hand-held GPS unit to hunt for the caches. Each hunt and the terrain around it vary in difficulty. Some caches contain only logbooks in small tins or film canisters, while others hold mini-treasures inside containers.

For geocaching details and clues, visit This is the official website where you can learn about the latest caches in your area, how to hide a cache and how to start experiencing this fun and exciting scavenger hunt sport.

Geocaching Close to Home

Arkansas geocaching is a great activity for people of all ages and yet another outdoor adventure you can enjoy in the State Parks of Arkansas. The hallmark of the Arkansas State Park system is its diversity, and this wide variety of natural and historic settings, landmarks and architectural works makes the state parks great getaways for the enjoyable geocaching sport.

Arkansas has 52 historic state parks, each with their own special mission. The other thing they each have is a geocache. This adventure is based around visiting all 52 state parks. Each park cache has a clue that you will need to find the final 53rd cache located somewhere else in the state. Just download the clue sheet at (look for "Geocaching" under the "Things to Do" tab) and start your adventure.

And if you've already explored geocaching, there are new treasure stashes to search for this spring and summer. Arkansas State Parks have partnered with towns in Chico and Desha counties to place 120 new caches. The treasures can be discovered along the Great River Road Scenic Byway in the southeast area of the state.

Arkansas State Parks encourage you to upload photos on the page when you find one and also to tell them about your visit to the park on the state park blog.

Plan some time for each of the parks and enjoy your visit after you finish your geocache adventure. Learn about natural, cultural and state history. Take in a hike, a swim or a boat ride. Go fishing, cycling or just relax. For information on geocaching throughout the Natural State, visit

The park staff at the individual state parks will welcome your questions, or you can contact the State Parks Director's Office in Little Rock by e-mailing

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