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There are some conversations which are very necessary but hard to have. Conversations about a relationship breaking up. Conversations about losing a job. Conversations about sexuality with your children or anyone (but that's a different kind of newsletter). The Conversation Project website is a resource about another challenging but needed conversation—one about what we want, and don't want, at the end of our lives.

Ellen Goodman, writer and co-founder/director of The Conversation Project, writes about her mother: "We talked about everything except one thing: how she wanted to live at the end of her life." Goodman and fellow co-founder/director, Len Fishman, both experienced the deaths of their mothers and came out of those experiences with the conviction that we must do better talking about how we want to live at the end of life. There is much that we can't control about the end of our lives, but with some planning and good talking together, we often can control some important things and give much appreciated guidance to our families and friends if we get to a place where we cannot express our wishes. The Conversation Project has step-by-step suggestions for these difficult discussions, links to legal and advance directive resources and stories by in text and video of families who have had "the conversation" and how it has benefitted all involved. A helpful, user-friendly and needed resource.

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