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Person-to-Person Questions

The following activity can be very useful for initiating meaningful discussions with older elementary, middle school, high school and adult grief support groups.

Materials needed: Strips of paper (various colors can be used), pens or pencils, and a container-hat, jar, bowl, basket, etc.

  • Each participant writes a grief-related question on a strip of paper, folds the paper and puts it in the container. If time allows, each person can write more than one question. The questions focus on what the person would like to know from other participants about their grief experiences. Examples include "What was it like to go back to school?" "What do you do when you feel really sad?" "Are things different now with your parents?"
  • Mix questions in the container.
  • Each person takes a turn to choose a question, read the question aloud and then respond to the question. The chosen question can be passed around the group for others to respond, if desired. As with other group activities, participants can always choose to pass on a question and decline to answer.

Adapted from Waving Goodbye: An Activities Manual for Children in Grief from the Dougy Center, 1991.

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