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Working aged men in the United States, ages 25-54, are at much higher risk of suicide then the rest of the population but they have been a difficult group to engage in mental health services. A collaboration of groups in Colorado has developed an innovative, creative and surprisingly humorous website to engage men and those who care about them. It's called Mantherapy,, and it has solid information about depression, mental health concerns and suicide. It also has fictional therapist, Dr. Rich Mahogany, who is the host and guide of the website. Dr. Mahogany, inhabits a dark, wood-paneled office with a moose head mounted on the wall behind his desk. He talks straight, bluntly and often tongue-in-cheek to website visitors, but his message and the resources provided are serious, solid and substantial. Included in the website are videos of men who have confronted their depression and found ways to live and live better and information about depression and suicide. The website is designed both for men and those who are concerned about a man in their lives. Because it is so unique, it is difficult to compare this website to typical mental health or suicide prevention websites. Give it a visit and explore around Dr. Mahogany's office . You're likely to laugh and certain to learn something. If you just leave the website up, you may see Dr. Mahogany kill time by reading his chainsaw operator's manual and clean a fish while he waits for you to make the next move. A caution: Mantherapy is for men and its language is not always fitting for young ears.

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