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After the death of a child, it can be difficult to sit and read even a very wise and helpful book. But what if a wise and helpful book was read to you as an audiobook?

Mending the Broken Heart: After Your Child Dies

An audiobook by Beryl Kaminsky,

Although there are many excellent books available about coping with death, finding the time, energy and focus to read can be a real challenge following the death of one's child. To address this need, Beryl Kaminsky has put together an audiobook filled with insightful information and suggestions for grieving parents. The audiobook is approximately 45 minutes long and has five separate tracks:

  • Tasks of Mourning (using the work of William J. Worden)
  • Internal World: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health
  • External World: Family, Friends, and Coworkers
  • Holidays and Special Events
  • Closing

The different tracks allow the possibility of listening to the whole book at one time or choosing to listen separate sections. It is clear from the content that Kaminsky has had much experience listening to and learning from many bereaved parents. While advice is offered, it is done gently and with space for the listener to consider what best fits one's own life and situation. Added to the excellent content is the warm, respectful and kind manner of Kaminsky's voice and reading style. It is easy to imagine a grieving parent listening to this book at home or in the car and finding it a great source of comfort, understanding and helpful ideas.

For more information or to order, go to where an MP3 format is available for order or to to order a CD.

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