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Let It Be Ground
by Fran Markover

Let it be ground

Let it be zero

Let it be any direction, any star for the lost

Let it remain empty to fill

Let it cradle ash, fire, bone

Let it cry with thousands of tongues

Let it seed as an olive grove

Let it hold sun and clouds, lilies and birdsong

Let it be a sanctuary for rain

Let it be the rose of Sharon, the palms of Palestine

Let it be a city of air, light, flesh

Let it be a monument to whatever flies

into memory and breaks into a tear

Let it be a mecca for the homeless

Let it be the space within the space

Let it sky-scrape the heavens

with thank you's and oh, my god's

Let it be new, indivisible, a circle

Let it be stone, iron, the sway and rock of forgive

Let it be old so it can rest

Let it be a re-birth of mandalas

Let it be silent in the sea beyond words

Let it speak to all hours

Let it be neon and green, tall and invisible

Let it wail like a wall

Let it be a worldly heart, unforgettable beats

of undying opera

Let it open the prayerful towers of sleep

Note: A "mandala" is defined as "any of various geometric designs (usually circular) symbolizing the universe; used chiefly in Hinduism and Buddhism as an aid to meditation" (

To Speak the Unspeakable (excerpt)
by Michael Ventura

The challenge that we face, as individuals with a threatened collective, is to keep searching until we find the place inside ourselves that isn't afraid. (Isn't that what we've been looking for all along?) War and terror make the issue stark, because fear is their ground and air and water, and what is the inner search but a way to live past fear? Which is to say, in part, that in the midst of terror, healers still have a purpose, because they are always trying to reconcile the inner with the other, and trying to find or create an open space within that leads to more open spaces around.

Yes we must teach our children, do our work, water our plants, take in a ball game-that goes without saying. All that part of life goes on whether or not we get highfalutin about it. It isn't a question of finding things to do or doing the usual things with a stiff upper lip. Doing is easy. It is a matter of being. Can you find a place in yourself that's unafraid? Can you keep searching till you find that place?

And no, I have no clue about how you should go about it. A man and a woman held hands as they jumped from the tower. I think they had a clue.

Ventura, Michael. (2001) To Speak the Unspeakable, Psychotherapy Networker, November/December, 25(6), 30-32.

These are the concluding paragraphs in Michael Ventura's article. I read the article on my way to New York as a Red Cross mental health volunteer in January, 2002. His article was the most helpful thing I read in preparation for my time in New York.

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