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Coming to the Hospital

What is one of the first things you should do to help prevent errors in the hospital?
Check your child’s identification band. Make sure the information on the band is correct. Make sure caregivers check the band and ask your child’s name before giving any medicine, test or treatment. Caregivers should also ask for your child’s birth date or another piece of information.

Can you stay with your child overnight at the hospital?
Check with the hospital. Most hospitals will let a parent stay overnight. It is important that you or someone you trust be with your child whenever possible to be their advocate.

Your child needs to get an IV. What is this?
An IV is an intravenous medicine that goes into the vein. Ask regularly when the IV can be removed. The area where it is placed can become infected.

Here are some tips to help you while your child is in the hospital:

  • Write down information. As an example, write down medicine names and amounts.
  • Immediately tell caregivers if your child is in pain. They should check your child regularly for pain.
  • Your child may be moved to another floor or department. Check that your child gets the correct medicines and treatments after the move. Talk to caregivers if you think there is any confusion.
  • Ask visitors who are ill to call instead or come back when they are well. Your child can easily catch illnesses.• All staff should wear an identification badge. Ask to see a badge if you can’t see it.
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