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Students to Complete 11 Public Service Projects in Arkansas

The news release below from the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service details the projects that its students will work as part of the program, including one such project taking place on the ACH campus:

Eleven teams of Clinton School students will complete public service projects in partnership with public agencies, community initiatives, academic ventures and nonprofit organizations across Arkansas during the 2013-2014 academic year.

As part of the school's Master of Public Service degree program, the students will earn academic credit for their work on the projects, which include efforts to improve health access and status, increase education access for Hispanic students, support individuals with disabilities and their families, increase access to legal services and provide health services to underserved populations, among others.

Organizations partnering with the Clinton School on the projects are located throughout Arkansas including one in the southeast Arkansas, one in southwest Arkansas, one in northeast Arkansas, and three statewide projects.

"These projects are a wonderful opportunity for our students to practice the skills they are developing at the Clinton School," said Marie Lindquist, director of field service education. "We are appreciative of our community partners throughout Arkansas who are involved in outstanding public service work and mentor our students in that work. "

The projects are part of the Clinton School's Practicum program, the first of three public service projects completed during the two-year master's program.

Forty-two Clinton School students will participate in the projects during their first year while also completing in-class coursework on topics such as program planning and development, field research and communication.

The 2013-14 Clinton School Practicum Projects include:

Assessing the Economic Impact of Free Civil Legal Services
Partner Organization: Arkansas Access to Justice (
Team: Rebekah Tucci (Lakeland, Fla.), Paola Cavallari (Termoli, Italy), Matt Devlin (Silver Spring, Md.), Hannah Michow-Proffitt (Annapolis, Md.)

  • This team will study the economic impact of the services provided by free civil legal aid organizations in Arkansas. Arkansas Access to Justice will use the information to educate policymakers and funders regarding how access to civil legal services can augment public and private efforts to provide low-income Arkansans with access to healthcare, affordable housing, education, economic security and family stability.

Researching Activities and Resources Related to Children's Health
Partner Organization: Arkansas Children's Hospital (
Team: Emily Wheat (Charlottesville, Va.), LaKaija Wood (Oklahoma City, Okla.), Bolton Kirchner (Little Rock, Ark.), Tshering Yudon (Thimpu, Bhutan)

  • This team will help the newly created Bates Center for Improving Children's Health to identify and categorize the activities of the different teams and collaborations that Arkansas Children's Hospital has around the state. Arkansas Children's Hospital will use this information to determine how resources can be used in a better way to improve the health status of children in Arkansas, by aligning and integrating the different team efforts in order to promote better care, better health and better value.

Evaluating a State Consortium on Minority Health
Partner Organization: Arkansas Minority Health Commission (
Team: Antoinette Schicchi (Dania Beach, Fla.), Romerse Biddle (Magnolia, Ark.), Quiana Brown (New Orleans, La.), Ben Croner (Potomac, Md.)

  • This team will analyze the top key legislative priorities of the Arkansas Minority Health Commission during the last two legislative sessions and report on their current and potential impact on minority health in Arkansas. The Commission will use the information to assess its future legislative priorities process in efforts to improve the efficacy of the statewide Consortium and ultimately the health of minority citizens in Arkansas.

Exploring the Feasibility of a Nonprofit Public Interest Law Firm
Partner Organization: Arkansas Public Policy Panel (
Team: Andy Lovley (Wrentham, Mass.), Elaine Frigon (Pine Bluff, Ark.), Luke Frauenthal (Little Rock, Ark.), Traci Johnson (Beech Grove, Ind.)

  • This team will explore the feasibility of a public interest law firm that would provide legal services and public outreach in Arkansas. Arkansas Public Interest would initially focus its services on conservation and environmental matters, though the long-term goal will be to expand the services offered by the firm so that more advocacy groups can utilize legal services in their efforts to promote public interests.

Researching Bike and Pedestrian Friendly Communities
Partner Organization: City of Little Rock (
Team: Brandon Mathews (Fort Smith, Ark.), Rebecca Zimmermann (Little Rock, Ark.), Tatiana Riddle (Guy, Ark.)

  • This team will research bike and pedestrian friendly communities, focusing on health, economic development, transportation and community infrastructure and benefits. The team will identify possible similarities between those communities and Little Rock. The information will be presented to Little Rock community and city leaders, schools and businesses to develop greater citywide connectivity.

Studying Hispanic High School Students Perceptions of Higher Education
Partner Organization: Cossatot Community College of the University of Arkansas (
Team: Mattea Fleischner (Hot Springs, Ark.), Jeremy Ratcliff (Raleigh, N.C.), Kristen Raney (Harrison, Ark.), Ruby De Santiago (Rogers, Ark.)

  • This team will study perceptions of college enrollment by Hispanic high school students in Southwest Arkansas. The study will identify factors that may inhibit the Hispanic population to attend Cossatot, the most effective method of reaching the Hispanic community and possible areas of study that the Hispanic community would like to see offered. Cossatot Community College will use this information to better serve the growing Hispanic community.

Developing a Social Business Incubator in the Arkansas Delta
Partner Organization: Crossroads Coalition (
Team: David Ford (Cleveland, Ohio), Thato Masire (Gaborone, Botswana), Danielle Folks (Austin, Texas)

  • This team will design a rural business and social innovation incubator model in Crittenden County, Ark. The incubator will serve as overflow from the Memphis start-up market and provide a space for local social and business entrepreneurs to build their companies. The incubator design is part of Crossroads Coalition's Business Forward program, an initiative that leverages public and private resources from local, state and federal levels to expand and retain local businesses.

Developing an Experiential Education Program
Partner Organization: Little Rock Preparatory Academy (
Team: Brad Cameron (Conway, Ark.), Julian Kelly (West Memphis, Ark.), Katy Grennier (Burlington, Wis.), Allison Meyer (Strongsville, Ohio)

  • This team will support the development of an experiential education program, the Learning Pass. The pass will allow students to access learning opportunities across the city, enable parents and teachers to track the students' engagement, incentivize learning in unique ways and make the entire city part of the learning community for students.

Developing Outreach and Marketing for Individuals with Disabilities and their Families
Partner Organization: University of Arkansas, College of Education and Health Professions, Partners for Inclusive Communities (
Team: Brenda Hernandez (Pomona, Calif.), Sylvia Tran (Fort Smith, Ark.), Hunter Mullins (Russellville, Ark.), Christian Eddings (Little Rock, Ark.)

  • This team will develop an outreach and marketing plan to provide information and resources to individuals with disabilities and their families. This plan will build on information collected in a needs assessment conducted by a Clinton School team in the 2012-2013 school year. Partners for Inclusive Communities will use the plan to continue its work of supporting individuals with disabilities and families of children with disabilities.

Developing a Communication Plan to Improve Access to Health and Wellness Services
Partner Organization: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, College of Pharmacy (
Team: Caroline Head (Little Rock, Ark.), Angela Toomer (Little Rock, Ark.), Haylee Fletcher (Prescott, Ariz.), Laetitia Tokplo (Benin, West Africa)

  • This team will develop a communication plan designed to engage the members of the 12th Street community in activities at the 12th Street Health and Wellness Center. The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, led by its College of Pharmacy, is working with this community to design and provide student-led inter-professional healthcare services and education that positively impacts health.

Studying Food System Needs in Northeast Arkansas
Partner Organization: East Arkansas Planning and Development District (
Team: Anna Applebaum (Los Angeles, Calif.), Tiffany Jacob (Neenah, Wis.), Lucas Hunt (Lawrenceburg, Tenn.), Read Admire (Little Rock, Ark.)

  • This team will study food system needs in four northeastern counties. The study will identify existing efforts and opportunities for job creation, entrepreneurship and small business development relative to food production, distribution and access to healthy food choices. East Arkansas Planning and Development District will use this report to continue its economic development efforts in the twelve counties they serve in east Arkansas.


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