Allergy Clinic

The Allergy Clinic accepts referrals for assessment and treatment of children with the broad spectrum of hypersensitivity and related aspects of clinical allergy.

Care provided at the ACH Allergy Clinic includes:

  • Diagnostic categories include, but are not limited to: asthma, allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, urticaria and angiodema, atopic dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, insect sting allergy, food allergy and drug allergy
  • Oral food challenge

Contact Us


Phone: 501-364-4000
Fax: 501-364-4370

Allergy Clinic:

Phone: 501-364-2903

Clinic Locations

Allergy Clinic
Clinic 2, Sturgis Building, 1st Floor
ACH Main Campus

Allergy Clinic
519 Latham Drive
Lowell, AR 72745

Medical Director

Robbie Pesek, MD

Note: This clinic is available to your child by physician referral. Talk with your child's physician and tell him/her you would like to be referred to ACH. Have the doctor contact the Arkansas Children's Hospital Appointment Center to make a referral at 501-364-4000. If your child does not have a regular physician, please call 501-364-4000 and we will be happy to recommend one in your area.