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Grief effects

A loss and the grief that comes with it can affect us in many different ways. It's different for each person, but here are some of the effects that many people have when they have a loss and grief:

  • Physical: Sleeping may change. Sometimes it's hard to go to sleep or stay asleep, and sometimes a person can feel sleepy all the time. Appetites can change. Some people eat more, and some eat less than before. In grief people sometimes get headaches, stomach aches, chest pains, and feel tired more often.
  • Thinking: Concentrating and remembering things can be harder to do. Sometimes this affects a person's schoolwork.
  • Emotions: Emotions and attitudes can be unpredictable. They can go up and down, like riding on a roller coaster or bungee jumping. In grief, people can feel that their emotions are really out of control. Feeling out of control can be scary, or even feel "crazy" (but it's not "crazy," that's just how grief can be).
  • Spiritual: A big loss, especially through death, can bring up big questions like "Why did this happen?" or "What kind of world is it when something like this can happen?" Most spiritual leaders say it's OK to ask these questions, and to talk about them with someone in your faith community or family.

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