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The Cleft Lip and Palate Team

The Pediatric Otolaryngologist/Plastic Surgeon - These specialists are responsible for surgical closure of the cleft and related operations which your child may require. Any ear disease, speech disorder or hearing loss, will also be closely monitored and treated by these physicians.

The Audiologist - Since children with cleft palate have an increased risk of ear problems, ongoing audiological surveillance is necessary. The audiologist provides appropriate assessments to monitor hearing status so that diagnosis and treatment can be made for any cleft-related hearing problems.

The Dental Specialists - The dental specialists include the pediatric dentist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, periodontist and prosthodontist. These specialists keep track of your child's dental growth and development, and provide information on oral hygiene and dental treatment that may be necessary due to the cleft.

The Geneticist - The geneticist alongside his genetic counselor, is available to discuss how clefts of the lip and palate occur and to answer questions about the risk of recurrence with future pregnancies. Later, this specialist can help your teenager understand the cause of a cleft and advise him or her about individual circumstances.

The Neuropsychologist - The neuropsychologist is available to discuss you or your child's concerns.

The Speech Pathologist - The speech pathologist will provide you with information about typical speech development along with suggestions for stimulation speech when your child is very young. Speech and swallowing dysfunction will be closely monitored and appropriate treatments or therapies will be prescribed at ACH or if appropriate, closer to home.

The Social Worker - The clinical social worker is available to meet with the family to assist in the psychosocial and emotional aspects of cleft lip/palate. This specialist is aware of services available in the community to which the family can be referred for information on medical coverage, financial assistance, and support groups/services.

The Clinical Nutritionist - The nutritionist assists with any early feeding difficulties and monitors the child¹s nutritional intake. This specialist also provides follow-up of weight gain and height/weight parameters and provides information and support with specific diets related to some of the surgeries.

The Registered Nurse - The nurse is available as a contact person to provide information and ensure that parents understand their child's health needs, treatment plan and follow-up. This specialist assists with the child's presurgical readiness and post surgical recovery and provides instructions for home care.

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