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Child Passenger Training Opportunities

  • Level I: 1-hour course
    The one hour presentation covers the 4 steps of child passenger safety, signs of possible misuse, and the Arkansas Child Passenger Protection Law.  It can be given to just about any group or organization.  Audiences may include groups of foster parents, nurses, or moms to be. 
  • Level II: 4-hour course
    The 4-hour course is considered our Advocate Class.  It goes into further details about each step of child passenger safety, and covers crash dynamics, how to identify misuse and providing education to parents and caregivers.   
  • Level III: 32-hour course with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) certification as a "Car Seat Technician"
    The 32 hour course is a 4 day course, usually held Tuesday through Friday, with a required check up event on Saturday.  It is a very intense course, covering additional details about all 4 steps of child passenger safety, crash dynamics, laws and regulations, education, and installation. 
    Once you have completed the 4 day course, you will have a certification as a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician for 2 years. 
  • Level IV: Instructor status so that you may train others to be a car seat technician.
    Once you have been a technician for 6 months, you are then eligible to become an Instructor Candidate.  As an instructor candidate, you must assist with the facilitation of one Level III training, and then complete your Instructor Candidacy by teaching in a separate Level III training.   

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