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FAQs - Craniofacial Anomalies Program

When should team care begin?
Care should begin prenatally when diagnosed by ultrasound. Interdisciplinary team care should begin shortly after birth and continue until the physical growth of an individual has been completed - around 21 years of age. Since skeletal changes continue throughout childhood and soft tissue growth is influenced by skeletal changes, evaluation throughout the maturation process is recommended. Psychosocial adaptation should also continue to be monitored as it may remain a concern until maturity.

Where should evaluation and treatment be provided?
Evaluation and treatment is provided in a clinical setting that allows the patient, the patient's family, and the members of the team to interact face-to-face and discuss treatment options with benefit of a comprehensive patient record.

How often?
The team meets monthly to see patients, allowing for consultation and coordination of comprehensive care. Weekly team conferences can be held to discuss children with particularly complicated issues, in order to provide the highest quality care to patients.

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