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Visitation Guidelines in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Upon your infant's arrival to the unit it may be necessary to limit visitors while staff perform the physical exam, tests, etc. After these are done visitation may occur within the guidelines listed below. All visitors may be asked to leave during an emergency, procedure, admission, or other situations considered necessary by the staff.

NICU Visiting times

Parents are welcome to visit anytime except when nurses are changing shifts from 6:30am-7:30am and from 6:30pm-7:30pm. Other visitors may visit from 9am until 9pm.

Who can visit

After receiving a badge from the Information Desk (1st floor-front door), all visitors need to check in at the reception desk in the NICU so the secretary can call the nurse . Due to lack of space, two visitors are allowed at the bedside at a time. Other visitors are asked to wait in the waiting room located down the hall. GRANDPARENTS may visit without parents. All other visitors must be with parents to visit. Visitors, other than siblings to the patient, must be at least 14 years of age.

Sibling Visitation

Siblings over 2 years of age are allowed to visit after screening for illnesses and immunizations at the front desk. Children may wait in the waiting room with adult supervision.

NICU Accommodations

The NICU Family Waiting Room is on the 3rd floor near the NICU. A Family Service Representative is available from 8:00am until 9:30 pm to assist with overnight accommodations, as well as reservations for Ronald McDonald House. Parents are encouraged to use the waiting room for rest. Two parents/guardians will be allowed to remain in the waiting room overnight. Children are not allowed to stay overnight.

Privacy and Information

When you contact the hospital for the first time, you will be asked to select a "code word" to be used by PARENTS ONLY for information over the phone. Please do not share this word with grandparents or friends. Due to privacy laws, they should get information from you. A toll-free number is available for PARENTS ONLY. PARENTS ONLY may receive phone calls in the waiting room (501-364-7025). Family members may leave messages for parents at this number, as the unit secretary cannot take personal messages.

Infection control

The patients in NICU have very little ability to fight infection. Therefore we are very careful about protecting them from exposure. All visitors are asked to wash their hands and arms (to the elbow) and wear a gown upon entering the unit. For infection control and privacy issues, parents should remain at their baby's bedside.


Toys are welcomed at your baby's bedside, but please limit them to two at a time. For safety reasons, rubber balloons are not allowed. Socks, booties, hats, mylar balloons, drawings from siblings, cards, and photographs are welcome. Please be aware that while every attempt is made to protect personal items, they may be lost or broken. Heirlooms and breakable items are discouraged. Names should be written with a permanent marker on personal items and clothing. Parents should wash infant's personal clothing to avoid loss or damage.

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