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PalCare Facts

Palliative Care at Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Promoting life in the midst of life-limiting illness

Goals of palliative care

  • Sensitive and effective communication about treatment goals and choices
  • Physical and psychosocial comfort and support
  • High quality of life for the patient and family
  • Improved continuity of care

What kinds of patients are appropriate for PalCare services?

Patients with:

  • A life-limiting illness or condition
  • Needs for additional help and attention with:
    • Psychosocial support and continuity of care
    • Advance directives and decision making
    • Physical comfort concerns

What can PalCare offer treatment teams?

  • Assistance with communication with patients and families regarding difficult issues relating to diagnosis, prognosis, treatment options, comfort issues, and quality of life
  • Help with coordination of care for patients receiving care from different sources and services
  • Increased focus on assessing and meeting patient and family concerns, support and comfort needs, and bereavement issues
  • A one-time consult for complicated situations involving life-threatening or life-limiting illnesses and conditions without the expectation of continued PalCare involvement
  • Inservices and continuing education on palliative care and end of life issues

Important points to understand about palliative care:

  • Palliative care means helping the patient and family have a good life no matter how long life will be
  • PalCare is not hospice
  • Patients and families do not lose any treatment options when receiving palliative care services
  • Patients do not have to make any advance care plans in order to receive palliative care services
  • PalCare involvement and support is available for as long as needed and can also be stopped at any time at the patient and family’s request

To contact PalCare call:

Arkansas Children's Hospital
1 Children's Way
Little Rock, AR 72202-3591

Call: 501-364-6658

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