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Weight Management Clinic Program Overview

About the First Appointment

The first appointment consists of the new patient and caregiver being triaged and meeting with our doctor.

The doctor will perform the following:

  • Review all referral materials, including returned questionnaire and lab results
  • Physical exam
  • Prescribe the best treatment track for new patient and parent/caregiver

The doctor will assign the specific treatment track for the patient. You will receive a copy of the guidelines and the first track appointment date in the mail within a few weeks. Patient expectations and clinic requirements will be addressed. A commitment form will be completed by the new patient and caregiver once they agree to the meet the treatment track guidelines. The treatment track will determine the frequency of visits with each specialist. At the completion of a treatment track, a follow up visit with the doctor will be scheduled to re-evaluate the progress.

Track Appointments

On the first track appointment, you will be seen by the Weight Management Specialist(s) including Registered Dietitian, a Physical Therapist, and a Psychologist or Psychology Fellow. The specialists will educate and create goals for the new patient and caregiver.

Registered Dietitian:

  • Review what the new patient and family/caregiver eats and drinks.
  • Help identify new ways to make small changes to become healthier.

Physical Therapist:

  • Review physical activity and help you with any pain or problems you may have.
  • Help identify ideas for exercise that will be fun for the new patient and caregiver.


  • Review behaviors and help make new habits.
  • Help you understand factors that might get in the way of being healthy and offer support.

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