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Daughter's Care after Catastrophic Car Crash Led MRI Technologist Back to ACH
Submitted by Rick Strayhorn, ACH MRI Technologist and father of patient Erin
Little Rock, AR

On June 3, 1998, Erin Strayhorn was involved in an auto accident that involved a large log truck in northeast Arkansas. She was taken to a local hospital in Jonesboro, where she had emergency surgery to remove damaged brain tissue due to a brain injury. Right after surgery, she was flown by Angel One Transport to Arkansas Children's Hospital. 

Erin was in PICU for a month, as to where she was only given about a 5 percent chance to live for the first week. After PICU, she was transfer to the Neuro floor for one month, then to Progressive rehab for about two and half months. While here at ACH, she had three additional surgeries. 

During our stay, we immediately felt the caring compassion of every doctor, nurse and support personnel who was involved in her care. We were treated like family. There was so much care, love and hope, we knew that we were in a place where miracles happen. I was so inspired by how this facility cared for not only the patients, but families also, that I wanted to be a part of this care, love and hope. 

As a CT-MRI tech for years while looking to relocate to the Little Rock area, ACH was at the top of my list of places to work. I was so honored to be offered a job in MRI three and half years ago. Since my employment, I have tried to give back and help care for the  children at ACH.  Since our stay here at ACH almost 14 years ago, our family and friends hold dear to the memories and everything ACH did to help save my daughter's life. ACH is truly a place of Care, Love and Hope.