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Their Son Born with a Kidney Tumor and Breathing Problems, Family Trusts ACH Submitted by Patricia Catron, mother of patient Brycen
Pocahontas, AR

My son Brycen was born 9/16/2011, with a kidney tumor and breathing difficulties. He was immediately sent to Children's, where they performed surgery on him when he was 3 days old. He made it through surgery with flying colors. We only had to get through the obstacle of feeding and helping him recover. He didn't eat for two weeks, and when he did start eating, he didn't eat much. After a very hard month, we were allowed to go home. When Brycen was 4 months old, we had to put him on thickener. He can only have thickened foods and liquids because he aspirates a lot. I took him to the doctor a few weeks ago, and was told his head was very large and we would have to be sent back to Children's. They are thinking he might have fluid on his brain. I trust Children's more than I trust any hospital. They saved his life once, if need be, I'm sure they could do it again. I'm very grateful for Arkansas Children's Hospital.