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New Mom Knew Something Was Wrong When She Could Barely Hear Her Baby's Cry
Submitted by Virginia Graham, mother of patient Izzabella
Jonesboro, AR

My baby girl was born at a hospital in Newport, Ark. I had to have her a week early by C-section. When she come out, she cried but you could hardly hear her. The docs knew there was something wrong, but they would not tell me. About three hours later, the doctor came in and said that there was something wrong with her heart, and that they were flying her to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock. I broke down because I was so scared and didn't know what to do.

The hospital let me go the next day so that I could go be with her. When I got to ACH, they took me to see my little girl. She was in the NICU. I was so scared but so happy at the same time. The physicians came and talked to me at bedside. They said she had tetralogy of fallot. Her chambers in her heart are connected and her arteries and vessels are too small, and some of them were in the wrong spots. And her pulmonary flap did not form. But her heart seemed to do its job. They kept her for a month and 28 days. They sent her home with oxygen and a pulse ox. They said she would have to come back two times a month for checkups.

The people at the hospital were so amazing. They helped us with so much; I will always be grateful for that. We came to Little Rock on the 13th of last month to get a cath on her heart and something went wrong. Her heart stopped, so they had to do surgery. The surgery went OK, but she so many problems that they had to go back in. She has had five surgeries so far since the last couple of months. But she is doing a lot better now; we're just waiting on them to get her closed up. I want to say thank you to all the doctors and nurses who have helped save her life and taken such good care of her and my family. And thank you to the Ronald McDonald House, too!