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Trouble Walking Leads to Hip Dysplasia Surgery, Now Toddler is Running

Submitted by Tammy Meador, mother of Amie
Malvern, AR

At the age 14 months, my daughter had problems walking. After seeing eight doctors, I was finally told her hip was out of place. Getting in to seeing a doctor at ACH could not wait anymore. So we went into the ER. She was seen by Dr. Aronson. In the weeks ahead, we saw him in his office and on Dec. 17, my daughter had surgery on her hip for hip dysplasia. A pin was put in her hip and for six weeks she was in a full body cast. On Jan. 16, she got the cast off and in one week she was up walking again and has been going strong ever since.

Before, she could barely walk and did not run. Now at the age of nearly 3 she walks runs, skips and walks up and down stairs. She will have to go back for years to keep it checked on, but it should never give her many problems later in life. Thank you, Arkansas Children's Hospital, for being there for me and my daughter.