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Special Entertainer Guidelines

We appreciate your interest in volunteering your talents and supporting the patients at Arkansas Children's Hospital. In order to ensure a positive experience for patients, families, staff and performers, all special entertainers, performers and volunteers are screened, scheduled and approved in advance by the Volunteer Services and/or Child Life department. Please contact Volunteer Services at (501) 364-1825 or for more information.

Helpful Tips for the Day of Visit or Performance

  • Parking for visiting groups is available in the front parking lot of the hospital located directly across from the main entrance located on Marshall Street.
  • When you arrive at the hospital, please report to the Admissions Office or Information Desk just inside the front doors. You will be met by a representative from Volunteer Services or Child Life who will take you to the appropriate area(s).
  • Hospitalized children's reactions differ from those of healthy children because they are coping with the stress of illness and hospitalization. Expressions of appreciation or affection may be restrained. Please be mindful that a child in the hospital will usually not react to a performance in the same way as a child in another environment.
  • When interacting with children, approach them slowly and bend down to their level, allowing the patients to decide as to what extent they wish to interact with you. If the child shows any resistance to greeting you, then move away from the child.
  • Greet hospitalized children as you would other children. Comment on their clothes and eyes and/or ask general questions about them or their interests. Some suggestions are: "I like your shirt"; "How old are you?" or "What is your favorite TV show?". Avoid questions such as: "What happened to you?"; "How long have you been here?" or "When are you going home?". Comments such as "Get well soon!" or "See you next time!" are also confusing and should not be used.
  • The Child Life representative will monitor the children's emotional well-being during the performance. If, at any time, the interaction becomes potentially stressful, the Child Life representative will redirect or terminate the contact in order to protect the patient.

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