Professional Development

    Tuition Assistance – ACH provides assistance to employees for completing educational degrees and professional certifications.

    Leadership Development - ACH promotes leadership development through the offering of Achieve Global, DDI and ACH developed training modules. These modules focus on competency development in seven key areas: Leading, Standards and Accountability, Planning and Decision Making, Communication, Developing People, Managing Relationships, and External Awareness, and Performance Management. 

    ACH E - Learning Programs - CHEX is an on- line educational tool, which provides information, courses and continuing education opportunities for ACH employees. The CHEX system is used to standardize information that is pertinent to pediatric care and services and is shared by 31 member Children’s Hospitals. In addition to using courses developed by the CHEX instructional design team, ACH staff use Macromedia software to design and develop ACH specific modules that are housed in the CHEX Learning Management System. CHEX modules that are specific to ACH and its operations include: HIPAA Security, Compensation Practices, Providing a Drug Free Workplace, Employee Relations, QI Practices, and Principles Governing Research at ACHRI. Today, ACH has a robust online course catalog with over 200 computer based training courses available for staff development.