Palliative Care Overview

This service is available to Arkansas Children's Hospital patients. Talk with your child's physician and tell him/her you would like to be referred to Palliative Care at 501-364-6658.

Comfort and support for the patient and family

  • Quality of life for the patient and family
  • Continuity of care
  • Communication about treatment goals and choices

The ACH Palliative Care team was able to provide comfort to Jennifer and Garrett after an injury changed their lives. The primary mission of the ACH Palliative Care team is to provide comprehensive and family-centered care to patients with serious or life-limiting illnesses or conditions. Learn more about their experience by watching the video below.

What can Palliative Care offer patients and families?

  • Assistance with communication with the healthcare team regarding the patient's diagnosis, treatment options, comfort issues, quality of life and outlook for the future
  • Better coordination of care for patients receiving care from different sources and services
  • Increased focus on understanding and addressing patient and family concerns, support and comfort needs
  • An advocate in the healthcare system to help look at where the patient's condition and treatment options fall in the "big picture" of the patient's life
  • Support and assistance with making advance care plans for the patient when appropriate

Important points to understand about Palliative Care:

  • Palliative Care means helping the patient and family have a good life no matter how long life will be
  • Palliative Care is not hospice
  • Patients and families do not lose any treatment options when receiving Palliative Care services
  • Patients do not have to make any advance care plans in order to receive Palliative Care services
  • Palliative Care involvement and support is available for as long as needed and can also be stopped at any time at the patient and family's request

The Palliative Care Team

  • Eve DeMontmollin, Palliative Care Specialty Nurse, 501-364-6657
  • Kathy Lewellin, Palliative Care Social Worker, 501-364-6656
  • Dr. Carrie Brown, Palliative Care Medical Director, 501-364-6658
  • Dr. Sara Peeples, Palliative Care Physician, 501-364-6658
  • Esther Pipkin, Palliative Care Child Life Specialist, 501-364-1436
  • John Powers, Palliative Care Chaplain, 501-364-1815
  • Brent Fairchild, Palliative Care Director, 501-364-1823

ACH staff from Pastoral Care and Child Life also work as part of the Palliative Care team to help meet the needs of the patient and family.

The doctors and treatment teams who follow a patient continue to follow a patient after Palliative Care joins the treatment team.

A Palliative Care team member is available by phone 24 hours daily at 501-364-6658 or call the ACH Operator at 501-364-1100 and ask that the Palliative Care team member on-call be paged.