Orthopaedic Oncology Clinic

    The specialty of Orthopaedic Oncology encompasses treatment of patients with a broad range of bone and soft tissue tumors. These include malignant tumors such as Ewing’s or osteogenic sarcomas, soft tissue sarcomas and benign processes such as bone cysts or osteochondromas. Our emphasis is on limb preservation techniques and skeletal reconstruction. Other services include the treatment and management of many types of vascular malformations. New patient evaluation will include physical examination, X-ray evaluation and other necessary tests. We use a team approach in all cases, which includes: the family, hematology/ oncology, radiation therapy, physical therapy, social work and counseling services as needed.


    Fax: 501-364-3460


    Main Hospital, 1st Floor
    Orthopaedic Clinic
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    Richard W. Nicholas, Jr., MD

    Note: This clinic is available to your child by physician referral. Talk with your child's physician and tell him/her you would like to be referred to ACH. Have the doctor contact the Arkansas Children's Hospital Appointment Center to make a referral at 501-364-4000. If your child does not have a regular physician, please call 501-364-4000 and we will be happy to recommend one in your area.