The Most Comprehensive Pediatric Heart Center in Arkansas

    As the leading provider of comprehensive cardiovascular care for infants, children, adolescents and young adults in Arkansas, our pediatric specialists combine world-class expertise with state-of-the-art technology to care for our most important patient: your child.

    The cardiovascular program at Arkansas Children's uses our expertise to set processes for urgent and continuing needs. As the regional authority on pediatric heart care, many of our patients travel to Arkansas Children's from outside the Little Rock metro area. Our team is experienced in transitioning care from initial diagnosis, treatment to creating a long-term success plan and monitoring of any heart and vascular condition. From common congenital and acquired heart diseases, to complex trauma cases, our advanced protocols and team of experts provide the highest level of care possible.


    Our expert team are leaders in a variety of heart-related sub-specialties, including:

    • Cardiologists
    • Cardio-neurodevelopment
    • Cardiovascular surgeons
    • Pediatric cardiovascular anesthesiologists
    • Cardiac critical care specialists
    • Diagnostic cardiologists
    • Electrophysiologists
    • Interventional cardiologists

    Multidisciplinary Team Approach

    Our entire team of pediatric specialists at Arkansas Children’s work together for improved outcomes. Incorporating the most advanced research discoveries to improve cardiovascular patient care, Arkansas Children’s Heart Center provides clinical expertise with the latest technology for optimal results.

    We offer newborn screenings and access to advances in care, integrated across cardiovascular imaging studies, diagnosis and treatment. Specialists at the Fetal Heart Center diagnose heart problems early – even before birth - so specialized care can be provided, if necessary. Such specialized care can include fetal magnetocardiography to fully evaluate heart rhythm or life-saving ECMO support.

    This dedication to excellence continues with expert follow-up care and skillful disease management. With so many advances in cardiovascular care and medical management for improved outcomes, our patients born with congenital heart disease (CHD) are now living far into adulthood and need expert care to transition. With Arkansas Children’s Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program, our specialists, uniquely trained for the healthcare needs of adults with CHD, provide a comprehensive treatment program for long-term success.

    Arkansas Children's Heart Center Partnership of Care with Referring Providers

    The Heart Center at Arkansas Children’s provides a range of services for referring physicians, including referring cardiologists, based on individual patient needs, such as:

    • One-call consulting access to attending physicians round the clock - anytime day or night
    • Imaging interpretation by our network of specialists, including EKGs and other rhythm studies
    • Easy inpatient access to the physician caring for your patient by direct call to the CVICU at the Heart Center
    • Faxed and/or e-mail daily patient updates to all referring physicians for all hospitalized patients and a summary letter for all patients seen in the outpatient clinics
    • Patient discharge planning coordinated with referring physicians

    If you would like more information about the Heart Center services at Arkansas Children’s, please call the appointment center at 501-364-4000. In addition, providers can fax a referral request and medicals to 501-364-5440.