Pediatric Hospitalist Service

    Pediatric hospitalists are pediatricians who care for children hospitalized on the general pediatric inpatient units. They care for children with a wide variety of illnesses and medical needs requiring hospital care. Such medical needs include, but not limited to:

    • Infectious illnesses of the blood, skin, lungs, bones, and kidneys
    • Respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia and croup
    • Problems with chronic illnesses such as asthma
    • Common pediatric illnesses such as influenza and dehydration
    • Recovery from injuries
    • Care coordination of complex medical conditions

    Our hospitalist team works with your regular pediatrician and other physicians and providers involved in your child's care. When your child leaves the hospital, the team will give your pediatrician an overview of your child's hospital stay and detailed instructions for any necessary further care.

    Meet Our Hospitalist Physicians

    Pediatric Chief Residents

    • Amika Sood, MD