Your Visit to the Speech Pathology Department

    Coming to the Appointment

    On the date of your Speech Pathology evaluation, you will check in at the Eye Clinic Waiting Area. You will sign in at a kiosk and a receptionist will complete your registration. Once you are registered, the speech pathologist will call you from the waiting room.

    During the Evaluation

    At Arkansas Children's Hospital, we value parent involvement and strive to provide the most naturalistic setting for our outpatient evaluations. We encourage the parents to accompany the child to the examination room to make the child feel more at ease.

    During the speech/language evaluation, the speech-language pathologist will obtain background information including social, birth, medical and developmental history. Throughout the evaluation, the speech-language pathologist will observe the child’s communication attempts informally, as well as administer standardized assessments to determine the child’s current level of speech/language functioning. At the completion of the consultation, the speech-language pathologist will share impressions from the evaluation, assist in determining the appropriate plan of action, and provide education in home programming for your child’s specific needs. Should your child exhibit the need for speech therapy services, the speech-language pathologist will assist in obtaining resources for initiating speech therapy services locally. Please see Functional Feeding Evaluation section to learn more about what to expect when coming for that specific type of consultation.

    Following the Evaluation

    Following the evaluation, the parents can expect to receive a formal report which will include any background information obtained, results of standardized testing, statements regarding informal observations, impressions of the child’s current level of communication functioning, and recommendations. The examiner’s contact information will be included with the report should the family have any questions regarding the information included in the report or should any further concerns arise following the evaluation.