Crossing the Creek

During the Code ECHO in which Meditech and the whole system went down, Marty Hamaker was essential to the success of the Pharmacy department maintaining a normal work order. He had 9 Hem/Onc admits that had to get their chemo, so he worked 20 hours straight to make sure everything was calculated by hand correctly and that the chemo was made as close to on time as was reasonable. He stayed until 3AM to enter the orders in the computer once the system came back, and then he relabeled each bag to ensure the nurses got a clean label instead of the handwritten labels.

These actions go FAR above and beyond what any one person should have done to ensure the best for our patients, especially during a code ECHO situation. I wholeheartedly believe that no one person in the entire ACH system worked as hard and as diligently as Marty did during the code ECHO. Twenty hours of his time was spent to ensure that the kids and family that came in became better today and healthier tomorrow.

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