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Blanket/Toy Attachment: Resource List

Ages 0 to 3

  • Blanket; by Margot Apple; Houghton, 1990
  • Blankie; by Leslie Patricelli; Chadlewick, 2005
  • Bye-Bye, Blankie; A Golden Naptime Tale; by Bonnie Worth, Tom Cooke (illustrator); Muppet Press, 1992
  • Flora's Blanket; by Debi Gliori; Orchard Books, 2002
  • Geraldine's Blanket; by Holly Keller; Greenwillow, 1994
  • It’s Time to Give Up Your Pacifier; by Lawrence Shapiro; New Harbinger Publishing, 2008
  • Knuffle Bunny; by Mo Willems; Hyperion Bks, 2004
  • Pacifiers Are Not Forever; by Elizabeth Verdick; Free Spirit, 2007

Ages 3 to 6

  • Blanket Burglar; by Sandra Garrett and Philip Williams; Rourke, 1994
  • D.W.'S Lost Blankie; by Marc Tolon Brown; Little Brown & Co, 1998
  • Golden Bear; by Ruth Young; Viking, 1992
  • Ira Sleeps Over; by Bernard Waber; Econo-Clad Books, 1999
  • Spot Sleeps Over; by Eric Hill; Putnam, 1990
  • This Is the Bear; by Sarah Hayes; Lippincott, 1993
  • Tim and the Blanket Thief; by John Prater; Atheneum, 1993

Books for Adults

  • Letting Go: Giving Up Those Bottles, Blankies, Pacifiers, and So On; by Michelle Kennedy; Barron's, 2004
Compiled by Catherine Smith, MLS, medical librarian at the Family Health Library, The Children's Hospital, Denver, CO.
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