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Physical Disability: Resource List

Books for Children

Ages 3 to 8

  • All Kinds of Friends, Even Green!; by Ellen Senisi; Woodbine House, 2002
  • Don't Call Me Special: a First Look at Disability; by Pat Thomas; Barron's, 2002
  • Fanny; by Stephen Cosgrove; Econo-Clad Books, 1999
  • I like me, I like you; by Laurence Anholt; Dorling Kindersley, 2001
  • My Buddy; by Audrey Osofsky; Holt, Henry, and Co.; 1992
  • Someone Special, Just Like You; by Tricia Brown; Demco, 1995
  • What's Wrong With Timmy?; by Maria Shriver; Little Brown, 2001

Ages 9 to 12

  • Loser; by Jerry Spinelli; Joanna Cotler Books, 2002
  • My Brother Made Me Do It; by Ped Kehret; Pocket Books, 2001
  • Two Tracks in the Snow; by Louella Bryant and Todd Fargo; Jason & Nordic Publishing, 2004
  • What It's Like to Be Me; by Helen Exley; Friendship Press, 1990

Young Adult

  • I Still Dream Big: Stories of Teens Living with Chronic Illness; by Penny Wolf; AuthorHouse, 2009
  • Stoner & Spaz; by Ronald Koetge; Candlewick Press, 2002
  • Owning It: Stories About Teens With Disabilities; by Donald R. Gallo, ed; Candlewick Press, 2008

Books for Adults

  • A Different Dream for My Child; by Jolene Philo; Discovery House, 2009
  • A Parent's Guide to Special Education: Insider Advice on How to Navigate the System and Help Your Child Succeed; by Linda Wilmshurts and Alan Brue; AMACOM, 2005
  • Adapt My World: Homemade Adaptations for People with Disabilities; by J. Rose Plaxen; Seven Locks Press, 2005
  • Beyond A Physical Disability: The Person Within--A Practical Guide; by Evelyn West Ayrault; Continuum, 2001
  • Children with Disabilities; by Mark Batshaw; 5th ed; Brookes, 2002
  • Strengthening Relationships When Our Children Have Special Needs; by Nick Martin; Future Horizons, 2004
  • The Normal One: Life with a Difficult or Damaged Sibling; by Jeanne Safer; Free press, 2002
  • The Resilient Family: Living with Your Child's Illness or Disability; by Paul Power and Arthur Dell Orto; Sorin Books, 2003
  • Teaching Motor Skills To Children With Cerebral Palsy; by Sieglinde Martin; Woodbine House, 2006
  • Your Child Has a Disability: a Complete Sourcebook of Daily and Medical Care; by Mark Batshaw; Paul H. Brookes Publishing, 1998

Other Resources

United Cerebral Palsy Association
1660 L Street, NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036

Compiled by Catherine Smith, MLS, medical librarian at the Family Health Library, The Children's Hospital, Denver, CO.
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