Patient & Visitors

Providing Quality Care for Decades

At Arkansas Children's Hospital, our goal is to treat all children, their parents/caretakers, and all members of the family with care, compassion, and understanding. We are wholly committed to improving the quality of life, well-being, and overall health for children throughout all points across Arkansas and beyond.

Our Hospital’s Visitation Policies

We take on a family-centered approach to care. This means child patients and their families are not considered as "visitors;" rather, integral players in the healing process. For this reason, we take great pride in ensuring the complete safety and security of our patients' and their families by strictly enforcing all visitation standards. Read more about our visitation policies.

Our Hospital Amenities

To ensure maximum comfort for our patients and their families, we provide numerous hospital amenities. From complimentary services to convenient shopping options, our hospital provides an abundance of options for patients and their families, making your stay feel more like home.

Some of our family support services include:

Other Family Support Services to Make Your Stay Easier

Our patients and their families matter the most to us. Health and comfort take the priority, especially if your child is undergoing a serious medical procedure. Our helpful staff of professional nurses, doctors, and medical care providers is all working together to make your family's stay as stress-free as possible.

Patient and family services include:

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