Emergency Departments

Playtime doesn’t always go as planned. That’s why our emergency departments are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Little Rock and Springdale. We’re here when you need us, as champions for children.

Arkansas Children's Hospital (Little Rock)

The Arkansas Children’s Hospital Emergency Department is located at 1800 W. 10th Street in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Arkansas Children’s Emergency Department is a Level I trauma center and is fully staffed by pediatricians and pediatric medicine residents certified in pediatrics and pediatric emergency medicine. We are fully-equipped facility specific to pediatrics available 24 hours a day to treat all pediatric emergencies including trauma.

Arkansas Childrens Northwest (Springdale)

As the first and only pediatric hospital in the northwest Arkansas region, we’re proud to deliver care where our children live, learn and play. Arkansas Children’s Northwest is located at 2601 Gene George Blvd, in Springdale, Arkansas.Arkansas Children’s Northwest is staffed with specially trained pediatric doctors, nurses and support staff. We’re now open 24/7 with in-patient stays, so more families don’t have to go far when they need doctors like a pediatric neurologist. From bed size to play-focused therapy, our services are specially tailored to your child’s unique sizes.


  • What is taking so long? We know it is hard to sit and wait when you have a sick child. The children who are the sickest or badly injured are seen by doctors first. If you have been waiting a while to be seen, very likely another child arrived who may be less stable. There are often ambulances and helicopters bringing critically ill patients into the ER through a different entrance that need immediate care. The majority of your time will likely be spent in the Tests/Treatments portion. Every patient will be going through the same steps as your child, so things may take a while to ensure that everyone gets the care they need.
  • Why is my child not allowed to eat or drink? Some medical conditions need urgent tests/treatments that require an empty stomach. We know it is hard for you to not provide your child food or drink but until we have a better idea of the type of condition your child has, it is safer for your child to not have anything by mouth.
  • Why am I asked the same questions by different people? Do doctors talk to each other? Yes, our doctors communicate with each other! We want to make sure we provide the very best care for your child. To do that we must have accurate and complete information. When different members of our team ask you the same questions, they discuss and clarify details to make sure they all have the same information. It may be frustrating to tell your story multiple times, but each time one of our team may learn something new that could help your child.