Center for Children at Risk (UAMS)

Children at Risk is the section within pediatrics responding to the medical and mental health issues of children dealing with various forms of child maltreatment (abuse/neglect):

Rice Medical Clinic. Outpatient medical evaluations for children with allegations of abuse or neglect. Referrals accepted from investigating agencies and primary care providers. (link to page)

Family Treatment Program. Outpatient mental health services for child sexual abuse.

Team for Children at Risk. Inpatient medical and psychosocial assessment of children with an allegation of abuse and/or neglect. The team is composed of pediatricians with specialty training in child abuse from Rice Medical Clinic and ACH Social Work.

Anyone suspecting abuse or neglect of a child should
contact the AR Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-482-5964.

Links to resources and support material for child maltreatment:

General information about abuse:

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Toxic Stress:

Abusive Head Trauma:

Child Sexual Abuse:

A coordinated response to child abuse is provided in the Center for Children at Risk of the University of Arkansas College of Medicine Department of Pediatrics. Its programs and services are dedicated to helping children and families affected by abuse. The objective is to provide a continuum for medical, psychological and social health care, coordinated with community agencies and resources.

The clinical programs of the center are the following: