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Information for Parents and Families

Browse the information below to learn how to help your child during surgery & and his or her stay at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

Prepare Your Child
  • Let your child play doctor using play medical toys and one of your child's stuffed animals or dolls
  • Play hospital
  • Read stories, or watch videos about going to the hospital.
  • Draw pictures about the Hospital.
  • Check out our Fun & Games page to print coloring pages & more.
Questions to Ask

It is important to ask questions of your doctor before and after surgery. You may have questions of your own, but here are a few questions you may like to ask.
  • Can my child eat or drink before surgery? The answer is no.
  • How many hours before surgery will my child have to stop eating?
  • How many hours before surgery will my child have to stop drinking?
  • Will my child be awake during surgery?
  • Can my child take their stuffed animal or blanket with them?
  • Will my child need pain medicine after surgery?
  • Will my child have to be out of school or have limited physical activities after surgery?
About Your Child
  • What name does your child like to go by?
  • Does your child have special needs, like hearing or vision?
  • Does your child have any allergies?
  • Is your child taking any medications?
  • Tell us about worries that you or your child may have.
  • Are there things at the hospital that scare your child?
What To Expect

Remember…children do best when they know what to expect:
Schedule a Tour

To schedule a pre-admission tour, call the Child Life & Education Department This will help you and your child learn more about what it will be like at the hospital.

Call us at (501) 364-1412.
Packing List
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Favorite Toys, Dolls, Games
  • Favorite Sippy Cup
  • Blanket, Pillow, Pajamas, Slippers, Slipper-socks
  • Favorite DVD Movies
  • Xbox360TM Video Games (Your CareHub System is equipped with an Xbox360TM)
Find out more about your CareHub System at and set up
a free account. Before you arrive, you can upload your OWN photos and music
to play in your room and set up accounts so you can have a message board and
chat online with your friends and family from your room at ACH!

Questions? Call us at (501) 364-1412.