Comprehensive Speech-Language Evaluation

    Comprehensive speech-language evaluations may be obtained through the Outpatient Speech Pathology Department at Arkansas Children's Hospital. A variety of areas in communication are assessed including: Language Development, Articulation, Apraxia of Speech, Stuttering, Dysarthria, and Voice/Resonance.

    At Arkansas Children's Hospital, we value parent involvement and strive to provide the most naturalistic setting for our outpatient evaluations. We encourage the parents to accompany the child to the examination room to help the child feel more at ease. If your child has had any previous speech/language evaluations, we request that parents bring copies of these reports to the scheduled appointment.

    During the speech/language evaluation, the speech-language pathologist will obtain background information including social, birth, medical and developmental history. Throughout the evaluation, the speech-language pathologist will observe the child’s communication interactions informally during play activities, as well as administer standardized assessments to determine the child’s current level of speech/language functioning. Standardized tools administered will be geared to your child’s age and areas of concern. At the completion of the consultation, the speech-language pathologist will share impressions from the evaluation, assist in determining the appropriate plan of action, and provide education in home programming for your child’s specific needs. Should your child exhibit the need for direct speech therapy services, the speech-language pathologist will provide resources for the family to explore to initiate speech therapy services in the family’s community.

    Following the evaluation, a formal, comprehensive report will be mailed to the parent, which will include any background information obtained, results of standardized testing, statements regarding informal observations, impressions of the child’s current level of communication functioning, and recommendations. The examiner’s contact information will be included with the report, should the family have any questions regarding the information included in the report or should any further concerns arise following the evaluation.

    How to Obtain an Evaluation by the Outpatient Speech Pathology Department

    The Outpatient Speech Pathology Department at Arkansas Children's Hospital provides comprehensive assessments in a variety of areas of communication and feeding/swallowing disorders. The following is a listing of information to help in the process of scheduling an evaluation:

    • To schedule an appointment, please call The Appointment Center at Arkansas Children's Hospital at 501-364-4000.
    • Depending on your specific insurance or source of payment, you may need a referral from your primary care physician.
    • When making the appointment, please indicate your primary concern for the appointment. Some common examples of concerns may include: child is not using enough words, unable to understand the child’s speech, not able to follow directions well, etc. Providing this type of information allows the speech pathologist to tailor the evaluation to meet your specific needs.