Become a Corporate Partner with Arkansas Children's Hospital

    What is the Corporate Partner Program?

    Corporations team up with Arkansas Children's Hospital to help ensure that life-saving care is available to our children now and in the future. Whether through an outright gift to the hospital, an employee campaign or event, Corporate Connections is making a difference in the lives of Arkansas children every day.

    Why Should I Consider Becoming Involved as a Corporate Partner?

    The benefits to your organization are far reaching:

    • Affiliation with Arkansas Children’s Hospital
    • Enhanced corporate image through community involvement, public recognition and co-branding with Arkansas Children’s Hospital
    • Opportunity to reach new markets through association with Arkansas Children’s Hospital
    • Enhanced feelings of good will and loyalty in your workplace
    • Knowing that you are helping provide Arkansas kids with state-of-the-art care, cutting-edge research and preventative education. Through your support you will be helping children overcome life-threatening challenges such as cancer, accident trauma, birth defects, muscular disease and much more.
    • Donations to Arkansas Children's Hospital are tax-deductible, in accordance with IRS guidelines.

    How Do I Become a Corporate Partner?

    An organization can give an outright cash gift, make a pledge (to be paid in the future), or choose to match the amount raised by an employee program that raises funds for the hospital. The ACH Foundation staff will be happy to assist you by providing more information or a tour of the hospital and discussing different ways of giving, plus tax and receipt information. We realize that making a corporate gift requires time and the necessary information for all the decision-makers involved. We will work with you to ensure that your needs are met.

    What is an Employee Campaign?

    Employee campaigns are a great way to get your team involved in fundraising. These campaigns give employees an opportunity to give back to their community. Your employees can choose to donate a certain amount of money from each of their paychecks through payroll deductions for a year. You can customize your employee campaign to fit your company priorities by funding a certain project at the hospital or having pre-set giving levels.

    How Do I Start an Employee Campaign?

    The ACH Foundation fundraising staff will be happy to help you create the best employee campaign for your business. We will assist with the planning process and promotion of the campaign, as well as the employee recognition.

    A fun and simple way to raise money while getting your employees and customers involved is to have company-sponsored fundraising events. Anyone can do a fundraiser for ACH and they can be held throughout the year. Some ideas: selling cardstock, which includes selling themed cardstock for $1 to employees and customers; announcing a Jeans Day, during which employees can pay $5 or some other set amount to wear jeans on a certain day of the week/month; and hosting a bake sale, in which employees bring a baked good to sell to customers.

    For more information on becoming a corporate partner, hosting a fundraiser, or starting an employee campaign, please contact the ACH Foundation at 501-364-1476 or e-mailing us at