Volunteer Engagement

Arkansas Children’s depends on volunteers to provide assistance for our patients, their families and hospital staff. Whether you are a retiree wanting to give back to the community, a student hoping to fulfill a service requirement; would like to get your business or group involved, or just have a simple desire to help others we offer a wide array of opportunities.

Why I Volunteer at Arkansas Children's - Robert Johnson

The short answer is my grandson, Dylan.

Dylan was born on January 16, 2009. Soon after his birth, we learned there were complications that would require Dylan to be transferred to the CVICU at Arkansas Children’s.  

My son-in-law and I arrived at the CVICU in the very early hours of morning, and I remember watching three nurses working tenderly, professionally and confidently taking care of our little boy. I remember a nurse saying, “Feel free ask me anything. I am here for you.” I asked, “Is this common?” He responded, “For most hospitals this is rare. But here, this is what we do. We know hearts.”

Several days later, surgery was scheduled. I remember the physician explaining the procedure in detail to us. We knew Dylan was in the best of hands. I occasionally look at the picture of little Dylan with all the tubes, wires and devices…and now eight years later, I hug him and thank God for the great team of people who care for children at a place that Arkansas simply calls, “Children’s.”

So, why do I volunteer at Children’s? It was the young, confident nurse, the doctors and nurses, and the invisible people who made it possible for my grandson to be a healthy eight-year-old boy. It’s the attitude that I have seen over and over for the seven years as a volunteer: children and families first, frequent smiles, professionals serving from the heart, and going beyond expectations. It’s living the mission.