Knitting Resources

    Grab your knitting needles and crochet hooks! ACH encourages you to make a difference for children by creating hats for this year's Knitting for Noggins program. We accept hats from September through March and this year we'll provide a monthly pattern! These patterns will get your creative juices flowing while helping to keep kids warm.

    Stay tuned or connect with us on the Arkansas Children's Hospital Facebook page to see the monthly patterns!

    Monthly Hat Pattern - March

    • Frog Hat Pattern - How did you spend your extra day on Leap Day 2016? In honor of the special occasion, we’re encouraging our knitters to make frog hats this month to keep our patients’ little noggins warm! Download the pattern. Download a donation form.


    What about preemie hats?

    • Preemie hats are used by our NICU babies. These little ones need special hats that are between 12 - 13" in circumference. Download the preemie pattern!

    When do you accept hats?

    • We will accept hats from September through March.

    How are hats delivered to Volunteer Services?

    What hat sizes are accepted?

    • Our greatest need is for large hats for school-age kids, teens and adults. We ask that hats be approximately the size of an average cantaloupe or larger.
    • INFANT SIZE At least 16" in circumference
    • CHILD SIZE At least 18" in circumference
    • TEENAGER SIZE About 21" in circumference (can be a little larger)

    Where can I find other resources?